James Mullen

Pilgrimage Statement

Pilgrimage Project

My work is principally centered in painting, with an emphasis on landscape and how photography influences how we see it. I create oil paintings on canvas based on photographs I have taken, and sketches I have made on site. This is a continuation of a body of work that I have been building over the last two decades dealing with depictions of the landscape. Recently I have expanded the field of that investigation to include research into Land Art, also known as earthworks and environmental art, as well as earlier iconic sites belonging to the lexicon of the 19th century American landscape. All of these sites have often been understood primarily through reliance upon mechanical reproduction. In the 19th century it was through the dissemination of engravings in portfolios and publications, and in the 20th century through photography. This body of new work seeks to visit many of those iconic sites, and treat them as primary documents to research and develop. I am interested in contrasting those traditional representations of these sites through a suite of paintings and digital images created from my investigations of those actual sites.