These works were generated from a studio discovery during the pandemic. What begin as an investigation into Giorgio Morandi  evolved into a study of light on paper in space.

This body of work is an archive of seeing. Each of the titles comes from the screen data of the capture on my iPhone, and they are all arranged chronologically. The majority of the images represent destination landscapes, that were the result of traveling to a site to look at something, and experience that specificity of place.

This is an ongoing project of everyday discovered moments.

These images evolve from the space between the studio and the museum, and between lens and brush.

These images are the result of a long standing interest in 19th century American tromp l'ceil painting, as evidenced in the work of artists like William Harnett, John Frederick Peto, and specifically John Haberle. Contemplation beyond the incredible facility yields deeper questions about vision and the expectations of how we locate the reality of the world we see. Since I do not share their gifts for patience and facility, I have decided to investigate some of these ideas through photography.

This is a series of photos experimenting with aluminum foil and the reflections, inspired by the large scale abstract paintings of Gerhard Richter.