James Mullen

My work is interested in the transformative power of light and the play between structure and chaos, particularly as defined in the natural environment.


Having grown up in a rural environment, I have always felt a deep connection to the landscape and it’s ability to act as an agent of meaning and revelation. In my work I also explore the balance between the human presence and the natural environment. These areas of interface are where I find the most intriguing possibilities revealed. I am also interested in areas of transition between inside and outside, land and water, or times of day. I find these areas arenas where identities and ideas are constantly in flux as they are redefined.


I endeavor to capture those moments of transition, and call attention to that change in suspension. I also hope to direct the viewer’s attention to a more thoughtful engagement with their environment, and promote a more mindful relationship to it. Often quiet and still, my work seeks to slow down time to allow for full absorption of stimulus and thought, celebrating the revelatory possibilities of the world around us.